Programme Code: SAQA-99029 – NQF level 8 – Credits 120

The Postgraduate Diploma in Family Business Management is directed at enabling students with congnate undergraduate qualifications to further develop their functional and strategic competencies in the field of family business management. With a specialised focus in mind, the programme strives to develop the knowledge and skills of students within the field of family business management. The programme will provide a foundation for further postgraduate study in management.

Upon successful completion of the Postgraduate Diploma in Family Business Management, the student should be able to:

  • Appreciate and understand the value and culture of family businesses;
  • Identify the contextual and other characteristics that differentiate a family business from other businesses;
  • Examine the life cycle of family business from the a range of perspectives, including business, family and ownership viewpoints;
  • Develop expertise and skill in communication and conflict resolution in the context of various role players, including family business owners, managers, and family members;
  • Learn to evaluate situations and problems in family businesses and propose solutions for their challenges;
  • Examine leading practices and explore emerging trends in family business management; and
  • Develop family business competitive strategies.

Duration: 1 year

Year Semester Description
1 1 Business Fundamentals of Family Enterprises
Human Resource Management
Technology and Information Management
Marketing Management
2 Strategic Planning and Transgenerational Entrepreneurship
Accounting and Financial Management
Organisational Behaviour
Governance and Professionalisation

  • An approved Bachelor’s degree with up to second year level of content knowledge.