Programme Code: SAQA-84947 – NQF level 8 – Credits 120

The Postgraduate Diploma in Business Management [PGDip (Business Management)] is a one-year postgraduate programme that provides students with advanced knowledge, skills and competencies in the key functional areas of management. This programme will ensure that students are able to apply their management competencies to the complex and changing business environment in order to drive organisational growth.

Upon completion of this programme, students will be able make informed decisions at middle and senior levels of management. This programme will equip students with the necessary skills and advanced knowledge to be successful managers and leaders in the challenging and diverse environment in which they find themselves.

Upon successful completion of the programme, the student should be able to:

  • Apply advanced management principles and theories in a variety of organisational settings.
  • Develop a multi-disciplinary and global view of business problems and situations.
  • Understand the challenges and opportunities that are created by the cultural and ethnic diversity in Southern Africa.
  • Create a strategic perspective with respect to organisational decision-making.
  • Apply technology to business functions and an integrated e-business economy.
  • Analyse the financial implications of business decisions.
  • Generate potential strategic solutions to business problems, through the application of appropriate research methodologies and the scientific collection and analysis of literature and data.

Duration: 1 year

Year Semester Description
1 1 Human Resources Development
Strategic Marketing Management
Information and Knowledge Management
Operations Management
2 Strategic Management
Accounting and Financial Management
Organisational Behaviour
Elective: Choose 1: Entrepreneurship
Project Management
Managerial Economics
Business Ethics

  • The minimum entry requirement is an appropriate Bachelor's Degree or appropriate Advanced Diploma.