The Mancosa [GSB] serves as an innovation hub for executive education and postgraduate management programmes, including the flagship and much-desired Master of Business Administration (MBA) degree. A selection of high end Executive Education training courses are offered to meet the requirements of professionals in both the private and public sectors.

The Mancosa [GSB] provides an opportune platform for the training and development of 21st century managers and leaders. It maintains a flexible learning environment and will provide students from all regions with a learning mode that is centered on nourishing the application of knowledge to practice. The establishment of the Centre for Women Leadership has given great impetus to research into women leadership and has established a gateway for the creation of new knowledge that is grounded in contemporary business practices placing women at the epicenter of this narrative. A Unit for Financial Markets has been established which is headed up by esteemed economist Advocate Lavan Gopaul. The Unit for Financial Markets is a step towards balancing business creativity and success, national wealth development of students and alumni with an acute focus on financial literacy and awareness.

The Mancosa [GSB] is also a rostrum for high level industry, government and societal engagement, thus ensuring that students are exposed to real-world problems in the classroom. Most importantly, it is home to a number of remarkable faculty members who continue to stretch the boundaries of knowledge production within the domain of management education. The academic pedigree that is housed within the Mancosa [GSB] ensures that students from all regions are always given an opportunity to access a competitive advantage in their chosen careers through a differentiated learning experience. We look forward to having you study and develop a lifelong relationship with MANCOSA.

Dr Zaheer Hamid
Director Mancosa [GSB]

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  • Prof Angelo Nicolaides June 13, 2018 at 11:51 am

    Salaam aleikum
    A lovely website oozing an aura of academic excellence – Well done!
    God bless

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