Research is pinnacle of MANCOSA’s academic landscape. The Research Directorate at Mancosa [GSB] is committed to the creation and dissemination of knowledge, in a range of disciplines and fields that permit teaching and research within the interrelated domain of business administration

The Research Directorate primarily focuses on:

  • Guiding the research agenda of the institution;
  • Managing the institution’s research activities;
  • Supporting academicians through innovative and high-impact development initiatives, and providing the necessary support to encourage and stimulate contemporary business research.


At Mancosa [GSB] we believe that research is more than just focusing on the quantity of publications. Instead, we believe that research should be relevant, applicable, useful and accessible to the very people who require it. With this in mind, we make our research available to all stakeholders not just our fellow academics. Set up an RSS feed with us now and keep up to date with our research:


The Effect of Change Management on the Financial Viability of a Higher Education Institute in South Africa by Clive Floris Newman and Ridwaan Asmal

This study was conducted at a higher education institute (herein referred to as the University) in South Africa. The aim of the research is to investigate the effect of change management on the financial viability and sustainability at the University. A review of the literature provides an understanding of the context, history, structure, rules, and regulations under which staff must work to understand the change for financial viability and sustainability. The theory is investigated to provide a context for understanding what knowledge, skills and attitudes will be perceived by the staff and how they will learn from this change management process. As a result, a strong human capital base with change-related knowledge and skills is a major source of competitive advantage.

Full-text access: http://www.singaporeanjbem.com/VOL_3_(10)_SG.php

Institutional Research Unit

The Institutional Research Unit (IRU) at Mancosa [GSB] conducts a complex and diverse set of activities that are designed to enhance administrative decision-making, respond to the external demands placed upon it, inform institutional policy development, and provide empirical data to underpin institutional planning and budgeting. Broadly speaking, the IRU serves as the Central Intelligence Unit that provides systematic, timely, user-friendly official data and research services that can be used to enhance effective decision making, prepare mandated reports, and to measure institutional effectiveness.

Postgraduate Research

The dissertation is an important part of the Master’s programmes. It provides an opportunity for students’ to demonstrate their ability to work independently on a well-defined research problem in a coherent, well-organised and critical manner. Students will need to demonstrate an innovative, academic approach to problem solving.

The preliminary steps in writing the dissertation are as follows:

  • Successful completion of all coursework
  • Registration for the dissertation component
  • Submission of research topic
  • Upon topic submission a Research Coordinator (RC) is appointed. The RC will monitor students’ progress with the dissertation, as well as the service delivered by the appointed supervisor by means of monthly progress reports/ pastoral care emails. It is the responsibility of the student to alert the RC of any problems they may be experiencing during the dissertation process.
  • Topic is assessed by RC and feedback is provided to student.
  • Upon topic approval, a dissertation supervisor is appointed.
  • The supervisor will oversee the proposal writing process, as well as the construction of the dissertation chapters. At the end of the process, the final dissertation must be submitted to the appointed supervisor for final review and assessment.
  • Once the final amendments suggested by the supervisor have been made, the dissertation must be electronically submitted to the Research Department for review and examination purposes.

At a Master’s level it is expected that extensive reading will take place and that the research will be theoretically sound. The research team expects that the quality of written work accurately reflects students’ commitment to their postgraduate studies.