At the heart of MANCOSA’s vision for academic excellence is its lifelong commitment and dedication to teaching and learning. MANCOSA’s innovative approach encompasses various instructional strategies used in the pursuit of successful teaching and learning.

Therefore, addressing the changing needs of higher education with a strong focus on teaching and learning excellence, e-Learning, programme development, student assessment and success, underpins our competitive teaching and learning approach.

Critically reflective practice, professional development of academic staff, student academic support and development impacts the knowledge, skills, attitudes and capacity of all students and academics. At MANCOSA, students are adequately trained, developed and mentored by experienced academics using out-of-the-box teaching approaches thus equipping them to make valuable contributions to contemporary society and the workplace.

Students have the option to attend workshops according to their specific needs which is tailor-made to suit their busy home and career lifestyle. Workshops are generally scheduled during the weekends in the academic year to foster group interaction between academics and students in a supportive learning environment.

As there is no single, universal approach to achieving learning outcomes, MANCOSA utilises an array of teaching strategies to ensure the success of all students by making learning a truly rewarding and holistic experience.

Responding to the fundamental global changes in business, a student-centred approach was imperative to dictate a paradigm shift in the higher education environment in order to address the training and development needs of all students.

As the gatekeeper of a quality teaching and learning strategy at MANCOSA, the Teaching and Learning Committee was established in 2014 to review and advise the Academic Committee on the academic standards that are relevant to teaching and learning, academic selection and progress, and to monitor the academic aspects of the overall student experience.

Reviewing and complying with the relevant legislation and policies and ensuring that they are correctly implemented strengthen the MANCOSA Academic Policy Framework. Finally, critically evaluating and responding to reports from faculty boards relating to quality improvements in all aspects of teaching and learning, greatly drives the academic aspects of the overall student experience.